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Phelan Douglas Acheson, Congress, 2022, UT-CD2

Phelan is a Working Class Patriot who will be running against Representative Chris Stewart in the Republican primary for Utah's 2nd Congressional District.

Phelan fully endorses the WCP Platform. In addition, he focuses on common-sense and money-smart solutions to our biggest crisis, which is how climate change is ravaging American Lands.


American Lands

The science is undeniable at this point. Human civilization will suffer and untold numbers will die if we don't act now. Furthermore, if you think the refugee crisis we have now is bad, wait until climate refugees become more common as the global south loses hospitable areas.

No, the world won't end, it'll still be here, spinning around the sun and its own axis. The question is, will it be a world we can recognize? Will it be a world we can raise families and follow our God on? Will it be a world where humanity thrives?


The Sustainable Economy


Carbon Dividends

Carbon dividends are a bipartisan-supported carrot and stick approach to regulating polluters in a way that makes common sense and financial sense. Carbon dividends are exactly what they sound like. A small tax is levied on polluters based on their carbon output, and those monies are distributed equally to every American. It incentivizes the common American and the elite establishment both to reduce our collective emission rates. For working Americans, the dividend payout is the carrot, a reward for sensible behavior in the here and now. For the ruling class, the establishment, Carbon Dividends function as a stick. Their corporations and industries will be paying for their pollution output. This encourages the market to move away from carbon-based fuels.

If elected, Phelan will support and work to make law the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 763. This will result in a 5% or more income increase to the average American family.


American Infrastructure,

Rebuilding America's crumbling infrastructure is going to take a mobilization not seen since WWII and the era of prosperity that followed. We can guarantee a just transition for working Americans currently in the oil and gas industries and provide tens of millions of high-paying, career-ready jobs in many sectors by using the power of the federal government to finance a states' led infrastructure mobilization. Local and State government know what their people need, and provide good-paying, career jobs. This jobs and infrastructure mobilization will bring about economic uplift for working-class Americans, which will, in turn, boost the economy. It's a basic economic concept called the "velocity of money" that putting money into the hands of the working-class boosts the economy through it being spent several times over.


American Labor

Americans are bright, innovative, and hard working. That spark of american ingenuity is found in America's working families.

As Americans we deserve the best jobs and the best wages. I support a mobilization to increase the minimum wage and tie it to inflation so no American is left behind, regardless of their job.


Gun Rights

The second amendment is clear. Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered by working America. Americans have the inalienable right to bear arms, granted by our noble constitution.

Phelan supports expanding access to responsible gun ownership through tax credits for first time gun owners, community armories which serve to train every American how to use a gun responsibly in their own communities, tax incentives for taking or re-taking classes for your gun permit or on responsible gun ownership, and ensuring that every American can afford their right to bear arms through a Guns Stimulus Program, which would finance the rifle and handgun of their choosing, 1000 rounds of ammo for each gun, and common-sense gun safety coursework for every American

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