We wanted to introduce ourselves!

“Working Class Patriots” is a collective with a purpose: To offer bold, patriotic, working-class legislative solutions of and for working Americans.

We’re tired of the do-nothing establishment and duopoly that offers hard-working Americans nothing other than “we’re not them”. Are you?


We’ll be finding and vetting candidates to run on our bold platform and ideas of their own. We, working Americans know the problems we face. We also know the solutions better than any elitist liberal or the establishment’s multi-millionaire politicians and lobbyists.

To get started, if you know anyone who aims to run for office, or would be good in office, but wouldn’t know where to start, have them sign-up on the blue form at the bottom of our homepage.

If running isn’t your thing, sign-up to volunteer! Patriots who volunteer provide critical support to our candidates and their campaigns.

If you can donate, please know that we’re happy to accept your financial support! In fact, we depend on it. Our donation system isn’t quite ready, unfortunately. If you signed up for our newsletters on the red form at the top of the homepage, we’ll let you know the second it is!

We mean to use the power of the American worker to make the GOP greater, and use the GOP as a vehicle to bold, visionary, and working-class legislation to build America into better!

Check out our mission statement!

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