So… Biden won.

Hello fellow patriots! It’s official, Joe Biden is president-elect. What do we do now?

Before I get to that, I want to talk about some of his likely cabinet picks.

  1. The literal eugenicist.
  2. Hillary Clinton
  3. Pete Buttigieg

The literal eugenicist.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a Biden-Harris transition team COVID-19 advisor, has argued that life isn’t worth living past 75 and that older people shouldn’t get vaccines for new flus and diseases, favoring only younger people with life yet to live, so to speak.

Hillary Clinton

This one fits in one sentence: Biden is considering Hillary Clinton for UN ambassador role.

Pete Buttigieg

“Mayor Pete” is angling for a foreign policy role in Biden’s cabinet. This comes after he destroyed his town as mayor, gentrifying it and catering only to liberal elites. During the democratic primaries, he polled at 0% with Black Americans, because of his record as mayor.

It is abundantly clear the swamp is alive and fueled by vengeance. Biden will entrench the swamp aka the establishment, by sending our patriotic troops into more needless wars, and also by destabilizing countries in South America, leading to more refugees fleeing to our borders.

America, any president, ANY president needs to be have checks and balances on their power. In this era of Congressional Abdication, those checks are cracking and the balances are shifting. Congress refuses to do their jobs, refuses to legislate for “the common welfare”, and refuses to help hard-working American patriots with the crises they face. It is the role of a sane government to support its citizens.

That’s why we, the Working Class Patriots, are recruiting working-class candidates to run for office and primary the existing Republicans in power, and replace them with us, the American working class.

You can help by signing up to volunteer at – Volunteer and, soon, by donating to our associated PAC. We are grassroots, or “little people” funded only, and we’ll never take a corrupting penny from “Big” anything.

If you want to see our platform elevate America, please join the fight. We’re already organizing for 2022.

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